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Default 2011 Leaf Poker Case #230/250- SB Promo

I saw kakman bust 2 cases and they looked fun and then I saw BO had them for SB Promo so I went ahead and ordered a case. Let me know how I did, I think I did ok because I got some familiar names. Pics will be posted later.

Box 1
Clubs- David Williams, Scott Montgomery, Michael Mizrachi
Pocket Pairs Joe Hachem/Huck Seed #2/5
Isabelle Mercier Yellow Printing Plate 1/1

Box 2
Clubs-Patrik Antonius, Maria Ho, Patrick Warburton SP/35
Hearts- Lacey Jones /20
Stacked Deck Erica Schoenberg "6 Hearts"

Box 3
Clubs- Peter Jetten, Humberto Brenes, Jennifer Harmen
Hearts- TJ Cloutier /10
Stacked Deck Michael Mizrachi "7 Spades"

Box 4
Clubs- Prahlad Friendman, Tiffany Michelle
Diamonds- Scott Fischman, Isabelle Mercier
Stacked Deck Isabelle Mercier "Ace Hearts"

Feels like an Isabelle Mercier Hot Case!!

Box 5
Clubs- Jonathan Duhamel, Jaime Gold, TJ Cloutier SP/65
Diamonds Jason Alexander SP #10/10 (I think this is a good hit)
Stacked Deck Jason Mercier "6 Clubs"

It must be a "Mercier" Hot Case!!

Box 6
Clubs- Layne Flack, Scotty Nguyen SP/60
Diamonds - Paul Wasicka, Cindy Margolis #50/50
Stacked Deck Daniel Negreanu "Jack of Hearts" (Good hit?)

Box 7
Clubs- Maro Traniello, Todd Brunson, Josh Arieh
Hearts- Maria Ho
Stacked Deck Layne Flack "King of Diamonds"

Box 8
Clubs- Scott Fischman, Vanessa Rousso, Joe Sebok
Final Table Signatures David Williams /25
Stacked Deck Huck Seed "2 Spades"

Box 9
Clubs- Nam Le, Isabelle Mercier, Phil Gordon
Spades- Jennifer Harmon /5
Pocket Pairs Maria Ho/Tiffany Michelle /25

Box 10
Clubs- Scott Fischman, Jerry Buss, Lacey Jones
Hearts- Layne Flack
Stacked Deck Chad Brown "9 Hearts"

Box 11
Clubs- Annette Obrestad, David Chiu
Diamonds- Scott Montgomery, Nam Le
Stacked Deck Jose Canseco "6 Clubs"

Box 12
Clubs- David Pham, Phil Helmuth SP/65
Diamonds- Lacey Jones, David Williams
Stacked Deck Peter Jetten "5 Spades"

Overall how did I do?
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With the Mercier printing plate, the Alexander, the Negreanu, and the Canseco, I'd say you did pretty well. I sold a stacked deck Canseco a few months ago for close to $100. It was an Ace though (the aces bring a premium).
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IMO you did as fair at best. some good hits, $25-$50 cards, but No Doyle, Johnny Chan, Entry, or big 1/1 that you really need to do well on a case.
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