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Default Going to card show here in Raleigh, they still buy??

I am thinking about going to a card show next weekend and was wondering what people thought about bringing cards to the show to sell? Do the vendors there take a liking to people there to sell/trade....(more sell)...

I have many mid-end carsd trying to dump for cheap, but also a couple high-ends as well. I also have about 1000 star player cards of Kobe, Lebron, Garnett, Wade, Iverson, and they pick those up as well? It's mainly base in penny sleeves, but to accumulate that many of those players takes lots of time and money....I was only looking to move it for like .10-.30 a card, would they do that?

So basically I would like anyones imput on this as far as selling/trading at shows. I haven't been to a show for like 15 years! I remember then someone took me for a Joe Montana Auto I pulled from opening packs and convinced me to sell it to them for $50 the time I was only 16, so it sounded like a good idea...haha.....any comments?
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You may find someone to do it. Same with the forums (and maybe a better chance here since you'll see what maybe 50 sellers, verses here maybe a few hundred guys or more). Biggest thing would be to know what you've got and/or what they're selling for online. Why sell it it to a dealer for say 25 bucks, when on ebay its going for 50 (even figuring listing fees, you'd make about 15 more using ebay). Unless its a player collector, I dont forsee many dealers giving you more than what its selling for online (on average) as they will only buy stuff they feel they can resell. So basically your trying to cut out the middle man.

On the flip side, I've found many dealers willing to trade if you've got something they want, and your interested in stuff they have. This worked out pretty good for me while I was in Toronto.
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