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Default Vintage (lol) Valiant FS/FT Key and betters

Looking for Chew or Silver-Age Xmen or Fantastic Four

Only TWO of these books will not grade a 9.6-9.8 and I would be SHOCKED if they did not get a 9.8. best to toss the 9.6 in there as I have been shot down by the GOD in baseball before so better safe than sorry (GOD=Grader of death, buy usually in a pissy mood who takes it out on submissions)

The magnus #12 has a pinch/wrinkle, on the lower left beside the staple. it's imperceptible, but to me it would make it a 9.0-9.2 book. If you tilt it in the light and catch it right, it can be seen. But best to point it out rather than deal with return shipping

The X-O #5 has a slight ripple, about 1 1/2 inch long to the left of the X. It can only bee seen when tilted in the light and even then is nearly impossible with the red cover, but no matter how minor, it is enough for me to figure it in as a 9.2 and save myself the return shipping headache

Harbinger 4 should be graded. it will be a 35-40.00 book in the next few weeks and graded 100+

I put prices but I prefer to trade. I am doing the comics for fun,not the cash

These books are in Mylar and have been stored in mylar for 18-20 years.
These were the books I purchased when they hit the stands and have never been read.
I replaced the Mylar with Mylites2 today,so nice and fresh

Magnus #5 NM+ $10.00 1st Rai

Magnus #6 NM+ $8.00 2nd Rai

Magnus #7 NM+ $12.00 3rd Rai

Magnus #12 VF+/NM $15.00 1st Turok

Harbinger #4 NM/NM+ W/Coupon $12.00

Harbinger #6 NM W/Coupon $12.00

Harbinger #7 NM+ $10.00

X-O #1 NM/NM+ $18.00

X-O #2 NM+ $12.00

X-O #3 NM+ $10.00

X-O #4 NM+ $20.00

X-O #5 NM- $9.00

X-O #6 NM+ $10.00
I Collect Marbles,Amazing Spider-man comics and tears! Mr. Sensitivity at your service
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