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Unhappy C'mon People

I buy a fair amount on eBay (those who have seen my PC maildays know this) and generally things go pretty smoothly, but lately I've had several issues that are purely due to seller laziness (and as a seller myself, I feel qualified to say that).

Here's some problems from the last 2 weeks

1. Bought an Aikman patch, got a Kurt Warner patch. Packing slip is for the Aikman patch. Seller hasn't responded to 2 messages so far. Case is coming soon.

2. Bought a Smoltz auto. Seller used a bubble mailer and team bag, but no decoy or packing peanut to get it over 3/4" thick and it ran through the rollers. Toploader got twisted and card was slightly bent, but I've got it in a new toploader getting straightened out. I sent the seller feedback on how he shipped the card and my suggestions on avoiding that type of damage and he was receptive to my comments.

3. Bought a Chipper dual patch. Get the card today in a 10-count snap case. I always groan when a I see that. Sure enough, all corners are not in great shape. To top it off, the top left corners front and back have bends in them not visible in the scan (top corner was cropped) or described in the listing. That one is going back for a refund and I will be shipping it in a toploader as it should have been the first time (told the seller that as well)--guy has sold enough to know better.

4. Tape: feast or famine. I know this is a common complaint. I'm a supporter of ONE piece of tape on the toploader (I prefer painter's or masking tape) plus a team bag, but I've had multiple instances of either no tape and a card starting to come out of the toploader, packing tape and the card is stuck to it, or the card is taped (along with cardboard) as if it contains a rabid animal that might escape and I have to preform surgery to get the damn thing out without damaging it. Simple formula for success: toploader, one piece of tape at the top, one decoy (or 2 if you are fancy), team bag, packing peanut, bubble mailer.

5. Toploaders too small for the card. If you have to use force to get the card into the toploader, IT'S TOO F'ING SMALL, MY FRIEND!!!!

Just had to vent a little--c'mon sellers, we can do better!
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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