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Default Tuesday Market Report: Here's what you need to know

Football is heating up. 2012 products are in high demand. Inceptions, Topps Jumbos, and Elite are all selling very well. Seeing alot of buying in 2012 Topps Finest FB going into tomorrow's release. Should be another winner and there is alot of presell demand in future products such as Topps Platinum, Prime, Strata, Panini Certified, Topps Chrome and others. Seeing alot of buying also in 2011 FB products. This should accelerate as we get closer to the season.

Baseball prospecting products are still selling very well. Trout products are on the move again after a brief shift to Machado based products. Collectors are coming back to the Trout products.

The following products are selling well:
2011 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2012 Topps Finest 1 Baseball
2011 Bowman Draft Baseball
2009 UD Signature Stars Baseball
2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball
2012 Topps Tier One Baseball
2012 Bowman 1 HTA Jumbos Baseball
2011 Bowman 1 HTA Jumbos Baseball
2010 Bowman Draft Picks Baseball
2011 Elite Extra Editiona Baseball
2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball
2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball

Back to Football. Here are a few items that we think can move higher in the next month or so:

2011 Topps Supreme Football
2011 Topps Prime Football
2011 Topps Precision Football
2011 Topps Five Star Football
2011 Topps Finest Football
2011 Topps Chrome Football
2011 Panini Totally Certified Football
2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football
2011 Panini Gold Standard Football
2011 Playoff Contenders Football
2010 Topps Chrome Football
2006-2011 National Treasures Football
2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football
2006-2011 Exquisite Football
2009 Topps Chrome Football
2009 Bowman Chrome Football
2008 Upper Deck SPx Football
2008 Topps Chrome Football

We have the following Promotions in progress below. Feel free to join and participate !

More to come...

Blowout Cards 2012 NFL Week 1 FREE Promo!

Blowout Cards 2012 Fantasy Football Pick Em' Promo Is Back !!!

Blowout Cards 2012 Topps Tier One Twitter Promotion!
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