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Talking My first giveaway contest! Saints fans come on in

See everyone doing it and made me want to get in on the action

I have many cards of Pierre Thomas and have over bought a little too much on the doubles

You will get one Pierre Thomas Score rookie card as well as one longevity ruby /199 rookie card and possibly one of his elite down and distance jersey cards /299 but I want to check with Pierre's little league baseball coach who watched Pierre grow up into the player he is today as he has known Pierre his entire life...LUCKY He helped me get a rookie /29 for a fair price back in 2008 and I want to repay it forward if he does not have one.

The score cards were only in factory sets and the longevity is another nice card. Will post scans shortly. With Darren Sproles out, they are saying Pierre should see a huge increase in touches

While I have Sproles on my fantasy team, I have Pierre as well obviously but wish Sproles a speedy recovery!

Here are the rules:

1. Must be a member who has been on this site for at least 5 months
2. Can not have any negatives unless you have over 100 iTrader or 100 exact
3. No editing your guess once kickoff of the Monday night game starts between the Saints and the Eagles
4. Must be a fan of Brees, Pierre, the Saints, Illinois, or Purdue! Would like a link to your collection or some proof if possible BUT not mandatory. Just want the cards to go to an appreciative member

To win this contest, you must guess the TOTAL number of yards Pierre Thomas has between receiving and rushing. 3 answers will get you the cards. Either the exact number of yards either rushing OR receiving...NOT BOTH, or you are 2 or 3 yards away from the total. I say 2 or 3 for his jersey number

If someone also is 23 yards off on their total guess, they will get the cards

1. How many rushing yards will Pierre Thomas have?
2. How many receiving yards will Pierre Thomas have?
3. How many COMBINED (rushing and receiving yards) will Pierre Thomas have?

Guess the total number of touchdowns Brees throws for and come within 9 yards of his total passing yards in the game and get a rookie card of his as well.

I know it isnt much but I figured a Saints fan would appreciate it and I would like to become a better member to the forums

good luck to everyone! I will try to post at kickoff when the deadline is up!

Enjoy your sunday and good luck to your fantasy team(s)

Ya only get 1 of the score cards. Ill be mailing some to some Pierre/saints collectors as well

Pierre's coach text me and woul like the jersey but winner still gets the red and if they guess Brees, they get that as well!

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Not a Saints fan, but nice of you to do this!
Edit: I do like jersey cards, wouldn't flip em

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Originally Posted by hotbox View Post
Not a Saints fan, but nice of you to do this!
Thanks bro. Just wanna follow in the footsteps of members such as sdoug, Haiku, gatorboyinTN, ManInTheMirror, and some others such as Tnarg! Im sure there are others too! You know who you are If I had the money they did to spend on non pc items, i would like to give away some monster cards but only 18 now
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Old 11-04-2012, 12:29 PM   #4
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Bethlehem PA
Posts: 6,299

Edit: if you would even appreciate the cards and PC QB cards, gu cards, numbered cards, running backs, anything that would allow you to enjoy these and not flip them, you can join the contest
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