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Old 09-21-2009, 08:30 AM   #1
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Default Mystery 'Gollum' creature found in Panama: reports

Absolutely nothing to do with cards but just very odd

Mystery 'Gollum' creature found in Panama: reports

A group of teenagers claim to have discovered an unidentified creature in Panama, leaving zoologists puzzled as to its origins.
The teens said they found the mutant creature when it was alive, however it began advancing towards them and they threw rocks and sticks at it, killing the creature.

It reportedly emerged from a cave behind a waterfall on the shores of a lake near the small town of Cerro Azul.

Footage shows the white, hairless creature, nicknamed Gollum, sprawled across a rock in Panama.

The online video has been rated as one of the most popular on the internet in the past day, according to Viral Video Chart.

Zoologists in Panama said the creature appeared to be a dead fetus of some kind.

Some have suggested the creature may be a sloth, however tests have not confirmed this.

YouTube - Criatura estranha encontrada no Panamá "ET"
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that thing is freaky looking!!!!!!!
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It definitely does resemble the Pokemon figure mewtwo, (or however you spell his name).
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looks like a sloth sans fur
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