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Default Trying to understand case breaks

Case breaks is an entirely new concept for me.
From what I understand, the case breaker pre-sells shares of the case break and divvies up the cards, selling or collecting his/her own share.
Have I got this correct?
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Pretty much. Depending on how the breaker decides to format his or her break, each person buys a slot into the break (could be for a team, a certain player, or one of the "hits").

An example would be opening 5 cases of Topps 5 Star baseball. 3 boxes come in a case and you get 5 hits (AU/ GU cards) per box. This would make a total of 75 hits total in the 5 cases. Factoring in the price for the case and shipping costs, the breaker will charge a certain amount per slot in the break. If the breaker choses to do a hit draft break once those 75 slots fill up, a moderator on this forum would random the entire list to see who would get the pick of the best hit in the case.

If the breaker chose instead to do a team break, the number of slots would decrease to 30 (the number of teams in MLB), and the mod would then random two lists, one of the 30 participants, and one with the 30 teams. A lot of the time the breaker would do this for each case, giving the buyer a chance at different teams over the 5 cases and not just one team for the entire break.

Just check out the breaks sections and do a little research before you decide to join a break. Houdini is who most people like the best on these forums, and is probably the best bet to use if you are a newbie.
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Thanks for taking the time to respond. That helps.
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Originally Posted by Bozcard View Post
Thanks for taking the time to respond. That helps.
x2!! Ive always wanted to get in on a break but never really understood how it worked.
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