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Default Does anyone play scoresheet baseball

For those of you that don't know (and I am not expert) scoresheet baseball is a fantasy baseball game that uses player stats in the actual season but you sim your games. You set your defense (yes that matters) your rotation, your bullpen, your in game strategies and play a 162 game season. I think 6-7 games get simmed a week.

Im not an expert on this format (I played several years ago and got demolished). But I think this would be fun to play with a group of blowout guys. They also do dynasty type leagues that would be fun to start but would need a major commitment and think we might be better off just starting doing a 1 year league and changing it to dynasty if everyone stuck with it.

Anyone play already and can give some input? Anyone heard of it and would be interested in a league? Anyone haven't heard of it but may be interested anyways?

Or if we don't get enough guys does anyone play already and just need another owner in their league? I'm still reading up on the entire thing but I am intrigued if you have questions about the game post them and I'll do my best to help answer them, even if that requires me doing the research.
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