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Default (mike Huckabee Only Candidate With Official Donruss Rookie Card -- Topps Goes The Dis


Whether by design or by political backing being in the heart of the Bible Belt, Donruss Playoff is the only card company to offer a base trading card of a current political candidate. Based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area the trading card company features a card of Republican conservative candidate Mike Huckabee and is touting it as his RC (Rookie Card). But polotics aside, the company isn't concerned.

(Mike Huckabee might object to Donruss' positioning of the star featuring his event worn shirt.)

"We have no concern over putting Huckabee in the set, he is a celebrity, a political figure and at the time we chose to put him in the set, last summer, we had no idea he'd be doing so well," Scott Prusha director of Marketing for Donruss/Playoff told TBR. "We'd like to say the release of the product at the same time as the Iowa caucuses put him over the top but we can't really say that."

Donruss isn't the only company pushing the presidential theme. Topps is coming out with a complete 12 card insert set in series one 2008 Baseball. The set features six candidates from each of the two political parties. The series also features a cut signature of Hilary Clinton.

(Hilary Rodham Clinton cut signature in Topps)

It cannot be considered HIlary's rookie card however. Way back in 1992 Wild Card put out a Bill and Hilary card. This was a regular issue. There are also numerous playing card sets featruing the former first lady and current GOP candidate for the top seat.

(Wild Card 1992 release of Hilary and Bill)

There are three cards of poloticians in the Donruss set although only Huckabee is a presidential factor. Both Connie Mack III and George Allen Jr., have connections with sports figures. Allen's father was the coach of the Rams and Redskins of the NFL and Mack's great grandfather was Hall of Fame manager Connie Mack. All three have signed cards and memorbilia cards.

As for Topps it does have a long history of political trading cards including two sets featuring all the presidents, a news trading card set from the 1950's which feature a lot of hot political products and of course the insertion of autographs of presidents. Topps brought perhaps the most controversy upon itself when it bought a lock of Washington's hair and mounted it on a trading card last year.

As for Donruss, Prusha says there wasn't any intention of selecting a conservative leader to be on a trading card despite the fact he signed over 100 autographs and sold an "event used shirt" for the series.

"We could not have anticipated who was going to be where in the race when we pulled the trigger on this," he said. "The card exploded the day after Iowa when the product released to the public."

The Topps cards will be coming out at a point when it is likely some of the current candidates are no longer in the race.
-The Brill Report
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