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Default Read 700; thoughts...SPOILER

Yep, it's official. After reading ASM 700 I think I'm off of all Spiderman stuff until they end this stupid gimmick. It's storylines like this one that make comic book readers "nerds".

Can you just see how pitching stuff like this for movies might go:

"Hey, Nolan, wanna do a story about Batman where a villian beats the ever-loving @#$% out of him, Batman claws back to health and then beats the villian and saves the city?" Sure.

"Hey, Nolan, wanna do a Spiderman movie where Doc Oc, who is not even Spiderman's biggest nemesis (Green Goblin, folks), uses a golden orb to take over his body by imprinting his brain waves onto Peter's brain so that now Otto Octavius is Peter Parker/Spiderman with all his memories combined with Peter's memories and then real Peter dies inside a shrivled prune of a body. Bonus is now the new Spiderman will punch people harder and he's a genius. How's that sound?" Take a seat, dweeb. Spiderman punched people harder already in the past when he wore the Venom symbiote. And we already have had multiple Peter Parkers running around because of the just-as-lame clone saga. And Peter was already trumped up to be a genius in the books.

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