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Default Super bowl box breaking party the hits

Well Here it is Everybody been Preparing all year long for this Day. For those of you who havn't seen my thread in the Football section here. I have a huge Box breaking party on Super bowl Sunday Every year. I've Listed all the boxes in that Thread I'm going to list all of the Hits in Here throughout today tonight and in the Coming days as I finally get sorted though it all. Ive been opening a couple packs a night the last week and today to satisfy the urge so I've already pulled a few hits Nothing spectacular though yet.

2006 Donruss Threads Miles Austin Auto 27/999
2011 College Legends Rocky Blier On card auto not Numbered
2009 Playoff Prestige Peyton Manning-Philip Rivers Dual Jersey 183/250
2012 Certified Trent Richardson / Isaih Pead Dual Jersey 139/149
2011 UD College Legends Blaine Gabbert Not Numbered
2006 Certified Warren Moon Jersey 60/75
2006 Certified Quinton Ganther Auto 69/250
2011 UD College Legends Billy Cannon Auto Not Numbered
2006 Threads Thurman Thomas-Tatum Bell Jersey 167/250
2006 Threads Michael Robinson Auto Letterman 45/240
2002 Certified Donte Stallworth Jersey 84/800
2002 Certified Jim McMahon Jersey 47/50
2006 Certified Thomas Jones Jersey 109/150
2002 Certified Corey Dillon Patch 33/100
2006 Certified Tiki Barber Jersey 44/75
2012 Certified Mario Williams Autogragh 13/49
2005 Sweet Spot Jim Plunkett Auto
2005 Sweet Spot Mark Bradley Auto 115/650
2005 Sweet Spot Eric Shelto Jersey
2009 Classics Reggie Wayne Jersey 126/288
2009 Classics Rhett Bomar Auto 88/299
2009 Classics jauan Iglessias Jersey 70/299
2008 ICONS dexter Jackson Jersey 41/199
2008 ICONS Roger Staubach Letterman 62/66
2011 Gridiron Gear DaQuan Bowers Auto 261/299
2011 Gridiron gear Darren Mcfadden jersey 230/250
2011 Gridiron Gear Leonard Hankerson Pullout-Autogragh 75/304
2006 Certified Gale Sayers Jersey 69/75
2006 Certified Andre Johnson Jersey 99/100
2006 Certified Abdul Hodge Auto 39/100
2006 Demetrius Williams Jeresey 1344/1400
2009 Threads Matt Stafford Jersey 333/500
2009 threads shonne greene Letterman Auto 113/180
2009 Threads charles godfrey Auto 272/300
2009 Threads Archie Manning-Drew Brees Jersey 112/250
2007 Gridiron Gear Joe Thomas Patch 4/50
2006 Threads Thurman Thomas Jersey 222/250
2007 Threads Matthew Stafford-Charles Johnson Jersey 328/500
2008 Certified Dexter Jackson Jersey 192/250
2008 Certified Dustin Keller Jumbo Jersey 203/599
2008 Certified Darren Mcfadden Jersey 93/100
2008 Certified Aqib Talib Auto 174/199
2012 Platinum Greg Childss Auto Rookie Refractor Jumbo Patch Redemption
2012 Platinum Michael Egnew Auto 61/99
2008 Classics Bo Jackson 3 Color Patch 9/25
2008 Keith Rivers Auto 33/50
2008 Prestige chad Johnson-Larry Fitzgerald Jersey 72/250
2008 Prestige ben rothlisberger Jersey 100/100
2012 Certified Devier Posey Jumbo Jersey 26/199
2011 Certified Colin Kaepernick 2 jersey AUTOGRAGH 308/499
2008 Limited Deion Branch Patch 48-83
2009 Gridiron Gear Frank Gore 2 Patch 52/100 2 Seperat SICK 3 Color Patches on this Card
2009 Gridiron Gear Javon Ringer- Shonne Greene Next Generations Combo Prime Signatures redemption.

WOW Hit of the Night So Far


2012 Gridiron Gear Jonathan Martin Auto 350/499
2012 Gridiron Gear Russel Wilson jersey Jersey 79/249
2012 Gridiron gear Michael Egnew Jerseys 175/249
2007 Certified J. Russel-D Bowe jersey
2011 Certified Shane Vereen Jersey 187-250
2012 Certified Merlin Olsen Jersey 44/99
2011 Certified Matt Ryan Jersey 76/250
2010 EPIX Devrey Henderson Jersey
2007 Certified Vince Young Jersey 73/100
2011 Legends Tedi Bruschi Suto 14/50
2011 Legends Gregg Salas Auto
2011 Legends Mike Rozier Auto
2011 Legends Jaquezz Rodgers Auto 44/99
2011 Legends Mikel LeShore Auto 90/94
2011 Legends Niles Paul Jersey
2009 SP Rookie Threas L.Sweed-R.Nendenhall Jersey 132/199
2011 Platinum Aldon Smith Auto 534/808
2011 Platinum Jeremy Kerley Auto 2012/2175
2011 Platinum Edmond Gates Auto-Jumbo Jersey 423/475
2004 Certified Anthony Thomas Jersey 245/250
2004 Certified Dan Marino Jersey 110/175
2006 Classics Deuce Mccallister Jersey 212/250
2008 Gridiron Gear Drew Brees Jersey 122/125
2008 Gridiron Gear Dexter Jackson Jersey 84/250
2008 Gridiron Gear Devin Thomas Jersey 29/250
2006 Classics Haloti Ngota Auto 284/499
2004 Certified Maurice Mann Auto 835/1000
2005 Certified Jerome Bettis Jersey 81/175
2010 Certified Rob Gronkowski AUTOGRAGH-SHOE-JERSEY-BALL 38/50 SICK SICK CARD!!!
2005 Carlos Rodgers Jersey 585/1499
2005 certified Earl Campbell Jersey 87/150
2005 Certified Kevan Barlow Jersey 85/100
2009 Unique Rivers-Gates Jersey 50/79
2009 Unique ED Reed 3 Color Sick Patch 3/50
2005 Limited Joe Montana AutoGragh Dual Jersey 10/16
2003 SP Signatures Joe Montana Autogragh 42/50
2009 SP Signatures YA Tittle-Ken Anderson-Archie Manning Triple Auto 23/25

2011 Gold Standard Clyde Gates Auto Patch 123/525
2011 Gold Standard Kyle Rudolph Jersey 243/299
2011 Gold Standard Adrian Clayborn Auto 149/499
2011 Gold Standard Aaron Williams Auto 9/499
2011 Gold Standard Len Dawson Jersey 18/25
2008 SP Rookie Threads tashard Choice auto Letterman 5/42
2008 SP Rookie Threads Braylans Edwards Jersey 3/85
2008 SP Rookie Threads Earl Bennet Jersey 42/125
2008 SP Rookie Threads joe Thomas Patches 10/30
2008 SP Rookie Threads Kevin Smith Jersey 37/99
2012 Gridiron Gear Hakeem Nick PATCH I believe the "N" From Ny Giants Patch Die-Cut Card 2/49
2007 Certified Jamaal Anderson Auto 34/399
2007 Absolute Brandon Jacobs Jumbo Patch 4/5
2012 Limited Emmit Smith Patch 8/25
2009 Limited Peyton Manning-Drew Brees Patches 20/25
2006 Threads Peyton Manning Jersey 142/250
2004 Certified Trent Green Jersey 76/97
2011 Gridiron gear Marcel Dareus Patch 17/25
2010 EPIX Beanie well Jersey 38/50
2006 Classics Julius Jones Patch 18/25
2008 Prestige Patch Calais Campbell Patch 21/25
2007 Limited Dante hughes Auto 63/299
2007 Limited Paul Hornung Jersey 29/50
2007 Limited Reggie Bush-Lendale White Jersey 97/100
2007 Limited Jim Parker CUT-Auto 32/73 1st Cut Auto I ever Pulled
2007 Limited Jack Lambert Jersey 24/99
2007 Limited Steve Young-Matt Hassleback Jersey 32/100
2007 Limited Ted hendricks Jersey 82/100
2007 Limited Calvin Johnson Auto-Jerseys 84/99
2007 Triple Threads Antonio Pittman Auto Jerseys 1/89
2007 Triple Threads Jim Brown-Joe Namath-Terry Bradshaw Triple Jersey 01/09 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Card
2012 Limited Nick Foles Material Phenom Redemption Card
2012 Limited Brian Quick Auto 72/99
2011 Playbook Casey Mathew Auto 27/49
2011 Playbook Chad Greenway Jersey 26/49
2011 Playbook Darren Mcfaddem Jersey 22/25
2011 Playbook Kendall Hunter Auto-Booklet 311/399
2006 Triple Threads Reggie Bush Jerseys 18/18
2006 Triple Threads Demeco Ryans Auto-Jerseys 21/50
2011 Totally Certified Dan Marino Jersey 220/249
2011 Totally Certified AJ Green Jumbo Patch 4/49
2004 Absolute Lee Evans Auto Jersey 279/300
2008 Letterman Anquan Bolden Letterman 2/6
2008 Letterman Jonathan Stewart Auto-Patch 13/19
2009 Limited Clay Mathew Auto 79/299
2012 Black Andre Johnson Jerseyd 19/75
2012 Black Isaiah Pead Auto-Patch 30-99
2012 Black Danny Coale Auto 21/25
2012 Black Deverey Henderson Jerseys 82/99
2012 Black Bryce Brown Rookie Gold Signatures Redemption
2012 Black Bruce Irvin Auto 20/49
2008 Press Pass Legend BE Lee Roy Jordan Auto 20/299
2008 Press Pass Legend BE Derrick Brooks Auto 149/235
2008 Press Pass Legends BE Chris Spielman Auto 63/99
2008 Press Pass Legends BE Charles White Auto 81/100
2008 Press Pass Legends BE Darren McFadden Auto 20/49
2006 Limited Drew Bledsoe Jersey 7/100
2005 Limited Lawrence Taylor-Jeremy Shockey jersey 7/75
2006 Limited Billy Simm Patch 2/30
2009 Limited Austin Collie Auto 279/399
2009 Limited PJ Hill Auto 252/399
2010 Limited Perrish Cox Auto 25/25
2011 Limited Phil Taylor Auto 42/199
2009 Absolute Graham Harrel Jerseys 17/25

2007 Certified Tedd Ginn jersey 236/1499
2009 SP Rookie Threads Eugene Monroe Auto-Letterman 3/6
2010 EPIX Jamaal Charles Jersey 132/299
2008 Gridiron Gear TJ Houshmandzedeh Jersey 62/100
2008 Gridiron Gear Larry Johnson Jersey 6/100
2008 Prestige John David Booty Auto 39/100
2008 Gridiron Gear Mark Bradford Auto 101/250
2011 Certified Tony Romo Patch 20/25
2009 SP Rookie Threads Jarret Dillard Auto_letterman 15/18
2012 Certified Randall Cunningham Jersey 61/199
2012 Certified Jurius Wright Dual Jersey Autogragh 62/499
2007 Certified Barry Sanders Dual Jersey Autogragh 15/20
2007 Gridiron Gear Brett Favre jersey 115/250
2009 Gridiron Gear Percy Harvin Jersey 195/250
2008 Gridiron Gear Alge Crumpler Dual Jersey 22/100
2008 Gridiron Gear Raymond Berry Dual Jersey 89/100
2008 Premier Devin Thomas Auto 48/65
2008 Premier Dwayne Bowe Triple Patch 21/25
2008 Premier Cutler-Bailey-Marshal Triple Jersey 20/25
2008 Premier Kevin O'connel Auto-4 Jersey 198/275
2008 Premier Jack Ham Penn-State Patch 12/15
2008 Triple Threads Jamaal Charles Autogragh Triple Jersey 21/75
2009 Triple Threads Andre Johnson 6 Jersey 15/20
2009 Triple Threads Andre Brown Auto Triple Jersey 24/30
2011 Triple Threads Vincent Brown Auto Triple Jerseu 23/25
2011 Triple Threads Larry Fitzgerald Jerseys 26/27
2011 Triple Threads Howie Long Jersey 4/9
2011 Triple Threads Jon Baldwin Auto Jersey 70/75
2008 SP Rookie Threads Mike Jenkins Auto-Letterman 10/10
2009 SP Rookie Threads Andre Brown Triple jersey 37/199
2008 Gridiron Gear Limas Sweed Dual Patch 8/50
2003 SPp Signatures Brad Johnson Auto 67/100
2011 Totally Certified Ray Lewis Jersey 137/199
2011 Totally Certified Fran Tarkenton Jersey 198/249
2010 EPIX Tony Pike Auto 388/499
2012 Certified Bernard Pierce Jersey 223/299
2009 SP Signatures 6-Way Auto Korey Hall-Ali Highsmith-Philip Wheeler-Buster Davis-Xavier Adibi-Anthony Spencer 10/30
2009 SP Signatures Adrian Arrington-Jordan Kent-Chris Davis Auto 9/99
2003 SP Signatures QuintonGriffin Auto
2003 SP Signatures Jay Fiedler Auto
2011 Limited Jordam Todman Jumbo Patch Auto 6/25
2011 Limited Shane Vereen Jumbo Jersey 3/49
2010 Limited Henry Jorday Jersey 103/199
2009 Limited Mark Sanchez Jumbo Jersey 31/50
2009 Absolute Deon Butler Jumbo Jerseys 18/25
2011 Absolute Shane Vereen Auto Jersey-Ball-Jersey 39/299
2004 Absolute Dunte Culpepper Patch 5/25
2011 Absolute Kendall Hunter Auto Jeresey 18/49
2004 Absolute Steven Jackson Jersey-Ball 538/750
2004 Absolute Jake Delhomme Ball Laces 12/25
2004 Absolute Ladanian Tomlinson Jersey 1/50
2011 Absolute Ryan Mallet Dual JUMBO PATCHES SICK STUFF HERE 4/25
2007 Absolute John Beck Patch 17/50
2007 Absolute Troy Smith Jersey-Ball-Jersey 596/849
2010 EPIX Mark Sanchez Auto 17/25
2012 Limited Nick Foles Autogragh Redemption Card

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Since it looks like you already opened the 2012 certified box, any chance you could see if you pulled a Jonathan Stewart gold base /25 before you have thousands of opened cards lying around?

Can't wait to watch this thread tonight, should be pretty cool

Good luck, pull some monsters
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Good luck! I'll be checking in once in a while
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You have inspired me to do the same thing! I'm starting my collection of unopened boxes already
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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Since it looks like you already opened the 2012 certified box, any chance you could see if you pulled a Jonathan Stewart gold base /25 before you have thousands of opened cards lying around?

Can't wait to watch this thread tonight, should be pretty cool

Good luck, pull some monsters
I've only been opening a couple packs an hour so I only have about half the Box open so far but I did check everything I pulled and I have not seen 1 yet. I will keep an eye out for it now that you asked though.
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Hey op why didn't you buy anything good? I hope you get all crap cards.. I'm totally kidding man I'm so jealous, good luck... do you ever have any problems with older cards sticking together?
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good luck with the rest. i'm sure the 4th quarter stuff will yield some monsters.
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bring the heat! And bring me some Case Keenums
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Good luck bud! Keep me in mind for any MJDs!
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well Just opened the Last of the Pre-Super Bowl Packs I sat aside to open. so wont be updating again till later in the Game . Time to sit Down have a Good Meal then Grab A beer And Start tearing through the Packs when the game starts...LOL

was somewhat pleased with the last hit i got so far though. The Mario Williams Auto is pretty sweet. Nicely well Written Autogragh for a change.

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Good luck with your breaks. I'll be watching for some Buckeyes!
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I'll be stalking Ivbaseball for buckeyes
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Any nice Dolphins come this way and good luck!!!!
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Enjoy the mass wax busting...should be a blast
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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Vikings and Decker for me.
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Please let me know if you hit any is a difficult time to get their cards now
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Hope you hit something big!
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Good luck.
Coo loo coo coo coo coo coo coo!
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wow half way through the game and as usual Only 1 qurter of the way through the Packs.. been a little dissapointed so far, but all the big dollar stuff is yet to come.. the bid surprise so far is We only go 2 redemption so far. and I was shorted 1 hit in the 2012 Platinum.
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Too bad on the Kaepe that he's not having a bigger game and you could sell that baby right now! Hope for your sake he turns it around in the 2nd half
Welcome to Wherever You Are
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Nice Caep.
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The Freaking Andrew Luck Card is the Sweetest So far By far though
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Keep me in mind if you get rid of that Brees/Archie jersey
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Updated bucket:
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Going pretty well so far!
Coo loo coo coo coo coo coo coo!
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Well At Least this Power Outage is letting me get Caught up some i'm still like 100 Packs behind what I should have opened.
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