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Default Big Bang Theory Seasons 3 & 4 - 8 Box Break (Scan Heavy)

Got 8 boxes in today, 6 from Digital Heroes, 2 from Dave and Adams. Scans are below

Digital Heroes Boxes:
Box 1
Inserts: E03, E07, E09, CPL02
Wardrobe: M21 Penny's Pink Pajama Pants
Autos: A8 Aarti Mann, A14 Brian George

Box 2
Inserts: E02, E05, CPL06, CPL09
Wardrobe: M10 Penny's Yellow Floral Tank
Dual Wardrobe: DM-03 Leonard and Sheldon
Auto/Costume: A7 - Melissa Rauch

Box 3
Inserts: E05, CPL01, CPL08, CPL09
Wardrobe: M08 Sheldon's Green T-Shirt, M-19 Sheldon's Green T-Shirt
Auto: None. :sadface:

Box 4
Inserts: E02, E08
Wardrobe: M03 Penny's Blue Floral Tank
Dual Wardrobe: DM01 Penny and Sheldon
Auto: A12 Laurie Metcalf

Box 5
Inserts: E01, E04, CPL03, CPL07
Wardrobe: M13 Bernadette's Red Scarf (great swatch, mostly gold)
Auto: A9 Kevin Sussman

Box 6
Inserts: E03, E09, CPL07, CPL08
Wardrobe: M28 Raj's Red Jacket
Auto: A10 John Ross Bowie
Printing Plates: 2! Haven't looked up the numbers yet, they're not listed on back. See below for scans.

The 2 printing plates were stuck together in one pack.

Dave and Adams
Box 1
Inserts: E02, E09, CPL05, CPL07
Wardrobe: M-28 - Raj's Red Jacket
Auto/Costume A3 Kaley Cuoco as Penny!

Box 2
Inserts: E04, E06, CPL01, CPL09
Wardrobe: M05 Howard's Blue Shirt, M-13 Bernadette's Red Scarf
Dual Wardrobe: DM-06 Howard and Bernadette
Auto: A17 Wil Wheaton

Very, very pleased with the breaks. The duplicate Raj and Bernadette wardrobe will be up for trade, as will the duplicate inserts. The rest of the autos and costumes I am keeping.

Auto Costumes


Dual Costume:


Printing Plates:
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Nice pulls...couldn't ask for much more from single boxes.
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Wow, very nice! I have a few boxes coming my way. Can't wait to open these!!
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Crap i hope my 2 boxes from DA aren't from the same case Nice pulls!
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love the penny auto if trading let me know or if you need stuff let me know I got a bunch for trade or sale
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