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Default Huge Rookie lot Jersey/Autos Durant Harden Noah Aldrige Bynum Curry

Huge base Rookie lot looking to sell will make great deals on lots just want to move some cards
Don’t want to put prices just tell me the cards your interested in make an offer
PMs work best

Can get Scans if needed I justdont want to scan all of them would take HOURS!!

Following the Rules $452 For the lot like I said just tell me what you want I want to move these

UD Draft Jeff Adrien
UD First Edition Arron Alfrado x2
Fleer Aaron Alfrado
Fleer Maurice Ager
Topps Maurice Ager
Topps Lamarcas Aldrige x3
Topps Joe Alexander
Upper Deck Joe Alexander
Upper Deck Morris almond
UD Draft Antoin Anderon
Fleer Hilton Armstrong
Topps Hilton Armstrong
Ud Draft Stacey Augmon/Larry Johnson/ Kenny Anderson
Upper Deck Darrel Arther
Panini Kelena Azbuike
UD Draft Kdryotney Barber
Press Pass Andrea Bangnani
Topps Chrome Eddie Basden
Topps Andrea Bargnani x2
Upper Deck Jerryd Bayles
UD Draft Rasheem Barrett
UD Dejuan Blair
Upper Deck Cory Brewer x2
Topps Ronnie Brewer x2
Upper Deck Aaron Brooks x2
Upper Deck Denham Brown
Topps Derrick Brown
Ud Draft Derrick Brown
Topps Shannon Brown
Upper Deck Shannon Brown Star Rookies
UD Draft Chase Budinger
Topps Chrome Andrew Bynum
UD Draft Nick Calathes
UD Draft Earl Clark
Fleer Ultra Rodney Carney
Topps Rodney Carney x4
Fleer Rodney Carney
UD Draft Demarre Carrol
Topps Mardey Collins
Upper Deck Darren Collison
Fleer Wilson Chandler
Evolution Mardy Collins
UD Draft Nando De Colo
UD Draft Dante Cunningham x2
Topps Chrome DJ Cunningham
Topps Chrome Nate Daniels
Topps Quincey Douby
UD Draft Austin Dye
UD Austin Dye
Topps Chrome Seth Doliboa
Ud Draft Toney Douglas
Topps Chrome Marcus Douthit x2
Topps Jared Dudley
Upper Deck First Edition MVP Kevin Durant (2 types) Insert??
Panin Kevin Durant Sticker
UD Draft Kevin Durant Connnor Atchley
Upper Deck First Edition Kevin Durant
Panini Future Stars Monte Ellis
Upper Deck Tyreke Evans x2
UD Draft Led Lyons
UD Draft Courtney Ellis
Panini Jonny Fylnn
UD Draft Jonny Flynn
UD Draft Eric Maynor/ Johnney Flynn/ Stephen Curry
Topps Randy Foye
Turkey Red Randy Foye
Topps Chrome Anthony Fuqua
Upper Deck Rudy Gay
Upper Deck Taj Gibsion
UD Draft Taj Gibsion
Topps Chrome Andreas Glyniadakis
Press Pass Taj Gray
UD Draft Danny Green
Upper Deck Danny Green
Hot Prospects Eric Gorden Walt Belamy
Hot Prospects Jeff Green
Fleer Jeff Green
Upper Deck Blake Griffin
Topps Jordan Farmar
UD Draft James Harden x2
Fleer Spencer Hawes
Upper Deck Gerald Henderson
Upper Deck Gerald Henderson
UD Draft Gerald Henderson x2
UD Draft Josh Heytvelt
Upper Deck Jordan Hill
Upper Deck Jrue Holiday
Topps Ryan Hollins x2
UD Draft Jrue Holiday x2
Upper Deck Jrue Holliday
Press Pass Ryan Humphrey
UD Draft Dominic James
Topps David Noel
Topps Trademark Moves Acie Law IV /1999
Upper Deck Ace Law III Rookie
UD Draft Ty Lawson x2
UD Draft Sergio Llull
Hot Prospects Brook Lopez
Topps Kyle Lowry
Press Pass Kyle Lowry
UD Draft Daniel Hackett
Press Pass Chris Jefferies Big Numbers
Topps Alexander Johnson
Upper Deck Draft James Johnson x2
Panini James Johnson
Topps Solomon Johnson
Upper Deck Chris Kaman
Panini Lnas Kleiza
Topps Bobby Jones x2
Topps Solomon Jones
Topps Alexander Johnson
UD Draft Michael Johnson
Bowman Mile Ilic
Topps Total Rawie Marshall
UD Draft Wesley Matthews x2
Upper Deck Eric Maynor x3
UD Draft Jerel Mcneal x2
Upper Deck Patrick Mills
Topps Paul Milllsap x2
Upper Deck BJ Mullens
UD Draft BJ Mulliens
Upper Deck BJ Mulliens x2
UD Draft Luke Nevill
Upper Deck Joakim Noah
Fleer Joakim Noah
Fleer Rookie Sensations Joakim Noah
Topps Chrome Austin Nichols
Topps David Noel x2
UD Draft Henk Norel
Fleer Patrick O’Bryant
Topps Patrick O’Bryant x2
Topps Greg Oden x3
Fleer Greg Oden x2
Upper Deck First Edition Greg Oden
Topps Kevin Pittsnogle
UD Draft Jeff Pendengraph x2
UD Draft Jermey Pargo
Topps Jordan Petro
Topps Kevin Pittnogle x2
Press Pass Kevin Pittsnogle
Fleer Gabe Pruitt
Topps JJ Redick x4
Press Pass JJ Redick
Upper Deck Glen Rice
Fleer Rajon Rondo
UD Draft Rickey Rubio
UD Alex ruoff
UD Draft Josh Shipp
Topps Chrome Wayne Simien
Upper Deck Hardcourt Cedric Simmions /1750
Topps Jason Smith x2
Turkey Red Vasslis Spanoulis
Press Pass Amare Stoudimire
Upper Deck Rodney Stuckey
Upper Deck Dajuan Summers
Panini Dajuan Summers
Upper Deck Jeff Teague
Upper Deck Draft Jeff Teague
Upper Deck Hasheem Thabeeet
Upper Deck MVP Jason Thompson
Upper Deck Al Thorton
Fleer Al Thorton
UD Draft Marcas Thorton
UD Draft Dar Tucker
Topps PJ Tucker x2
Press Pass PJ Tuker
Upper Deck MVP PJ Tucker
Topps James White x2
Press Pass Jay Williams
Upper Deck Jay Williams
Topps Marcas Williams
Upper Deck Star Rookies Marcas Williams
Topps Shawne Williams
Press Pass Shelden Willliams
Upper Deck Terrence Williams
Topps Marcas Williams
UD Draft Robert Vaden
UD Draft Sam Young x2
Upper Deck Sam Young

Bazooka Kirk Hinrich
Upper Deck MVP TJ Ford
SPX Ryan Gomes Auto/Jersey /1499
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make some offers on this stuff!!
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