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Default 2012 Contenders And Prizm


FUN BREAK < NICE LOOKING CARDS < Happy with Morris Auto and couple key SP Variation Rcs Luck and Wilson 3 ( have to figure out which others are SP variations )




#D /99

Box 1 !!!!!!!

#D 18/99

Topps Chrome !!!!!

SP Variation Refractor rc auto

Box of Certified

quad gold prime materials signatures Michael Floyd #D /25

#D /49

Tom Brady Collector
I would ban you but I have no sway or pull here.

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that tannehill is a sweet hit! you're getting some nice sp'd rookie qb autos lately
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Thanks and yeah on a roll with sp's

pack 1

Torrey Smith

Jermaine Gresham

Toby Gerhart Refractor

Ronnie Hillman rc

Sanotio Homes

Michael Griffin


Anthony Fasano

Demaryius Thomas

Kendal Wright Refractor Rc

Travis Bejamin Rc

Antonio Brown

Chrstian Ponder

Pack 3

Joe Flacco

Greg Jennings

John Beason

Brandon Hardin Rc

Michael Crabtree

Pierre Thomas

Pack 4

Robert Mathis

Ben Watson

John Skelton

Alshon Jeffries Rc

Danny Amendola

Carson Palmer

Pack 5

Peyton Manning

Dwight Freeney

Doug Martin Rc Impact

Bill Bently Rc

Brian Orakpo

Heath Miller

Pack 6

Early Doucet

Willis Mcgahee

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Bruce Irvin Rc

Jared Cook

Big Ben

Pack 7

JJ Watt

Brian Hartline

Elvis Dumervil

Vontaze Burfict

Jared Allen

Vernon Davis

Pack 8

Ray Lewis

Jermichael Finely

Chris Johnson Brilliance

Donta' Hightower Rc

Eli Manning

Steven Jackson

pack 9

Greg Olsen

Blaine Gabbertt

Joe Haden

Jarius Wright Rc


London Fletcher

Pack 10 ( half way point no hits , left side done on this pack lol )

Beanie Wells

Von Miller

Redemption !! Alfred Morris Rc Auto card # 236

Josh Robinson Rc

Mike Wallace

Aaron Hernandez

Pack 11

Cecil Shorts

JOsh Cribbs

AJ Jenkins Refractor Rc

Nick Perry Rc

James Harrison

Percy Harvin

Pack 12

Patrick Peterson

Brandon Pettigrew

Fred Jackson

Casey Heyward Rc

Patrick Willis

Ahmad Bradshaw

Pack 13

Kevin Walter

Jake Cutler

Eric Decker

Andrew Luck Rc PC hit SP VARIATION

Ronde Barber


Pack 14

Ray Rice

Jordy Nelson

Steve Smith ( Panthers )

Jeff Demps Rc

Fred Davis

Issac Redman

Pack 15

Laraunt Robinson

Deqwell Jackson

Russel Wilson Rc SP VARIATION

Lamar Miller Rc

Brandon Lyyod

Matt Flynn

Pack 16

Arian Foster

Lance Briggs

Mercedes Lewis

Whitney Mercilus Rc

Toby Gerhart

Randy Moss

Pack 17


Larod -Stevens-Howlings

Jay Cutler Red Die Cut Refarctor ?

Dontari Poe Rc

Hakeem Nicks

Mike Williiams

Pack 18


Mario Williams

Matt Shaub

Joe Adams Rc

Denarius Moore

Pierre Garcon

Pack 19 down to last 2

Julius Peppers

Dwayne Bowe

Travis Benjamin Rc Auto #D 173/499

Kellen Moore Rc

Troy Polamalu

Dieon Branch

Pack 20

Terrell Suggs

Andre Johnson

Brandon Marshall

Russel Wislon Rc

Zack Miller

Jason pierrie Paul



Pack 1

Rookie Stallions Mark Barron

Pack 2

Booby Rainey Rc Ticket Auto 1st hit

Pack 3

ROY Justin Blackmon die cut

Pack 5


Pack 6

Sean Spence Rc Ticket Rc Auto hit #2

Pack 7

Legendary Steve Young

Pack 9

Andrew Luck Rookie Stallions

Pack 10

David Wilson ROY

Pack 11

TJ Graham Rc Ticket Auto

Pack 12

MVP Ray Rice

Pack 14

Rod Smith Legendary

Pack 15

Cyrus Gray RC Ticket Auto

Pack 16

Mychal Kendricks Rookie Stallions

Pack 19

Stephen Hill ROY die-cut

Pack 20

Ryan Fitzpatrick #D 32/99

Pack 21

Lesean McCoy MVP

Pack 22

Ryan Tannehill #D 35/99 Rc Ticket Auto !!! YES NICE HIT

Pack 23 & 24

Drew Bress Legendary

JOsh Robinson Rc Ticket Auto

Scan of Tannehill coming and will figure out what are Variations or not soon and scan everything

couple of other breaks from this week 3 contenders boxes total , 1 topps chrome , 1 leaf certified , 1 Panini Prizm , 2 baseball 2012 bowman chrome and 2012 bowman rack pack jumbo hobby box

reserved for pack by pack playback lol

2012 Leaf Certified Hobby , 10 packs per box 5 cards per pack

Pack #1

greg little base

jermichael finely base

reggie wayne base

Roger Staubach Imortals red #D 126/199 Blue single color relic

kevin kolb base

Darren sproles

Pack # 2

malcom Floyd base

Mario Williams base

brain hartline red #D 40/250 base ?

brain urlacher base

dummy white filler card lol

michael crabtree

Pack #3

Jason pierre-paul base

demeco ryans base

colt McCoy base

steven Jackson base

josh freeman base

Stephen Hill Fabric of the Game rc #D 129/199

Pack # 4

ben Jarvis green ellis base

Santana moss base

New generation Juron Criner #d 474/999

jonathan stewart base

james laurenitis base

dummy white card hit lol # 2

Pack # 5

jabber gaffeny base

mike Thomas base

new generation auto rc kellen moore #D 16/49 blue hit # 2

tony Gonzales base

golden tate base

white dummy card ?

pack # 6

jones drew base

ray lewis

bobby Ingram

drew bress

randy moss

dummy white card , hitting a lot lol

pack # 7

wes welker

Michael vick

kellen winslow jr

devin hester

Michael vick blue #D 22/100

dummy white card

pack # 8


ed reed

steve smith

Adrian Peterson

new generation tommy streeter #D 89/250 red rc

white dummy card

pack # 9

andre Johnson

jermaichel finely

reggie wayne

cam newton

lance Hendricks

Redemtpition ! Mirror gold prime materials signatures Michael Floyd #D to 49 or less ??

Pack 10 last pack

Jeremy maclin

andre Johnson

eric paige new generation #D 977/999

marshawn lynch

Julio jones

dummy white


Playoff Contenders 2012

Pack 1

London fletcher

aaron hernadez

rookie stallions alshon jeffrie

alex smith

arian foster

Pack 2

deangelo Williams


Adrian Peterson

jake locker

Mike Martin #d 31/99 rc playoff auto 1st hit !

pack 3

peyton manning

Richard Sherman

santonio holmes

ray rice MVP die-cut

fred Jackson

pack # 4

blaine gabbertt

early doucet

drew brees

josh freeman

reggie bush

pack 5

demarco murray

Vernon davis

Donald brown

Christian ponder

ryan Fitzpatrick

pack 6

larry fitzgerald

matt forte

trent Richardson rookie stallions


danny amendola

pack 7

desean Jackson

matthew Stafford

joe flacoo

dwyane bowe

sam Bradford

pack 8

randy moss

reggie wayne

ryan tannehill ROY die-cut

ray lewis

hakeem nicks

pack 9

pierre garcon

tom brady

Antonio gates

josh cribs

nigel bradham rc ticket auto sticker 2nd hit !

pack #10

cam newton


Kenny britt

matt shaub

troy aikman legendary

pack 11

beanie wells

maques colston

hines ward legendary

Cameron wake

ray rice

pack 12

Brandon marshall

Donny avery

tony room

mark sanchez

Redemtption !! Rc ticket rps Dwyane Allen 3rd hit

pack 13

Sidney rice

laraunt robinson

rookie stallions Stephen hill

greg Jennings

dallas clark

pack 14

matt ryan

jimmy graham

andy Dalton

torrey smith

tim teblow

pack 15

antinio brown

Santana moss

frank gore

miles Austin

MVP damc

pack 16


steve smith

arron Rodgers MVP

andre johnosn

chris jonhson

pack 17

michael vick

demaryius Thomas

stevie Johnson

Bernard pierce ROY

percy harvin

Pack 18

marshawn lynch


rc ticket auto coby fleener auto hit #4 !!

carson palmer

pack 19

desean Jackson

matthew Stafford

MVP drew brees

jordy nelson

Vincent Jackson

pack 20

sam Bradford

matt cassell

lavonte david rc ticket auto 5th hit

matt forte

Anthony fasono

pack 21

Michael turner

eli manning

kendall wright ROY

big ben

calvin Johnson

pack 22

jamal Charles

aj green

maike Wallace

aaron Rodgers

steven Jackson

pack 23

ahmad bradshaw

wes welker

jay cutler

jim plunkett legendary

roddy white

last pack folks

phillip rivers

leasen McCoy

willis mcgahee

green ellis

last hit !!!

Josh copper rc ticket auto

well done better but was a lot of fun to open , thanks for watching

Pack #1

matt forte base

desean jackson base

MVP Darren Mcfadden die cut

miles austin base

frank gore base

Pack # 2

matthew stafford base

sam bradofrd base

reggie bush #D 46/99

andre johnson base

chris johnson base

Pack #3

matt cassel base

michael turner base

ROY die cut rueben randall

percy harvin base

stevie johnson base

Pack # 4

eli manning base

aj green base

deonte thompson rc ticket auto ><< first hit scan comming

carson palmer base

dez bryant base

Pack #5

emmitt smith legendary champions

aaron ordgers

cameron wake

mike wallace

ray rice

Pack # 6

wes welker base

jay cutler base

vontaze burfict rc ticket auto << 2nd hit scan comming soon

tony romo

mark sanchez

Pack # 7

aaron rodgers base

wes welker base

rc stallions mohammad sanu

jake locker base

adrian peterson base

Pack # 8

jay cutler base

lesaen mccoy base

rc ticket auto gerrell robinson < 3rd hit get scary now

fred jackson

santonio holmes

Pack # 9

willis mcgahee

sidney rice

arian foster die cut MVP

josh freeman

reggie bush

Pack # 10

tavon Wilson rookie ticket auto 4th hit < mortified >

pack #11 and 12 base with ROY Bernard pierce

Pack # 13

Richard Sherman

blaine gabbertt

ROY Ryan Tannehill

Calvin Johnson

ben Roethlisberger

Pack #14

early doucet III

drew bress

randy moss

steven Jackson

jamal Charles

Pack # 15

reggie wayne

pierre garcon

legendary champions dieon branch

roddy white

ahmad bradshaw

Pack #16

tom brady

cam newton

tim benford rc ticket auto < 5th hit looks like dead box wow

ben Jarvis green ellis

phillip rivers

pack # 17


demarco murray

rookie strallin=ons Ronnie Hillman

greg Jennings

dallas clark

Pack #18

tim tebow

Vernon davis

Donald brown

larry fitzgerald

torrey smith

Pack # 19

steve smith

Michael vick

legendary champions aaron Rodgers

chrstian ponder

ryan Fitzpatrick

Pack # 20

demaryius Thomas

marshawn lynch

jones drew


danny amedola

Pack # 21

beanie wells

marquis colsten

nick perry

Dwayne bowe

joe flacco

Pack # 22

Brandon marshall

Donny avery

London fletcher

vistor cruz

greg little

Pack # 23

aaron hernandez

deangelo Williams

MVP drew bress die cut

ryan Matthews

jordy nelson

Pack # 24

heyward -bey

peyton manning

Anthony castano

Vincent Jackson

and you aint gonna believe this 6th hit will show scan shortly get ready

pack 1

alphonso denard rc

shea McClellin Camo #D 93/499

eli manning base

DMac base

Pack #2

darius wright rc

cyrus grey rc

mark sanchez refractor

phillip rivers ( bent corner base )

Pack # 3

vinny curry rc

brian quick rc

nick foles tallboy

doug Baldwin base

Pack #4

Zach brown rc

aaron corp rc

vicent Jackson base

lamar miller refractor rc

Pack # 5

alshon Jeffries rc

matthew Stafford reprint rc

reggie wayne base

john Baldwin base

Pack # 6

morris claiborne rc

Brandon weeden 1984 rc

peyton manning base

josh cribs

Pack # 7

Greg Childs rc

Jake Bequette Prism 32/216

percy harvin base

Jason pierre paul base all pro

Pack # 8

ryan lindley rc

devon still rc

ray lewis refactor

lesean McCoy base allpro

Pack # 9

Brock Oswellier rc

Jared Crick rc

devier [osey tallboy

ryan Matthews base

Pack # 10

dontari poe rc

david decastro rc

mark barron refractor rc

legarrette blount base

Pack # 11

Lavonte' davis rc


tim hightower base

Adrian Peterson base

Pack #12

chris givens rc

nick toon 1984 rc

Maurice jones drew base allpro

Dwight feeney base

pack #13

rob gornkowski base

chris rainey rc

kendall wright rc

kendall wright 1957 rc

pack #14

Dwayne bowe base

doug martin rc

tj graham rc

steve smith panther refractor base

Pack #15

mohamed sanu base

Kirk Cousins Black Refractor #D 79/299

troy polamalu base

marshawn lynch base

Pack # 16

matt kalil rc

Jordan white rc

Brandon taylor refractor rc

matt hassellbeck base

Pack #17

mychal kendricks rc

juron criner rc

flacco base

stevie Johnson base

Pack # 18

coby fleener rc

ryan tannehill 1984 rc

demarco murray base

clay Matthews base

Pack # 19

aj Jenkins rc

jerel worthy rc

doug martin 1957 rc

aaron Rodgers base

pack #20

Kellen moore rc

trent Richardson rc

arron hernandez refractor

aj green base

Pack #21

steven Gilmore base

Brandon weedon redzone die cut rc

ray rice base

larry fitzgerald base

pack # 22 no auto yet

peter konz rc

ty Hilton rc

Kirk Cousins refractor rc

jay cutler base

PACK # 23

lemichael james rc

matthew sttford base

deqwell Jackson rc

BAMMMMM OMG will wait to just show scan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pack #24

Brandon boykin rc

Robert turbin 1984

andre Johnson

jared allen allpro
Tom Brady Collector
I would ban you but I have no sway or pull here.

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