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Old 06-05-2013, 08:45 PM   #1
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Default Grab a plate and a Colt 45 Malt Liquor and check out my Jedi Legacy case

busted a case of Jedi Legacy today and I thought it went fairly well- no huge jumping for joy as I would have had I hit a Ford, Hamill, Fisher or Daniels but pretty good nonetheless.

I got one complete 90 card blue parallel set along with 78 towards a second set plus many triples, quadruples etc.

I got 37 different magenta parallels and 11 other dupes/triples etc.

I got 11 different green parallels and 1 dupe

best of all for the parallels- I got 2 golds! Those have a print run of 10 and are 1 in 470 packs so definitely beat the odds there.

For the film relics I got 11 different single cels and 1 dupe, 2 different dual cels and 2 different triple cels

Another great hit was the magenta printing plate for card 4A- those are 1 in 1175 packs

Finally for the relics and autos I got the Wicket Ewok relic, 2 random Ewok relics, a Jabba's Sail Barge relic with the Nikto Gunner piece, an Anthony Forrest auto as a Sandtrooper (boo!), two John Morton autos as Dak Ralter (double boo!) and finally....Mr. Colt 45 Malt Liquor himself Billy Dee Williams as Lando!

here are the pics- all the cards are available for sale only or will be on Ebay shortly with the exception of the Billy Dee which I'm going to keep for the PC.

thx for the look, Dave
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Awesome on the Billy Dee!!

Looks like a pretty sweet case
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are they loading the boxes lately? Every break I have seen lately has had crazy hits! You definitely beat the odds here. Out of 12 boxes to get 4 relics and 4 autos AND a printing plate AND triple cell relics!
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Old 06-21-2013, 10:57 AM   #4
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How much for the ewoks?
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