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Default Pokemon Platinum Arceus Cards For Sale

Hi I am selling my double cards from the new set Platinum Arceus. I have been selling on ebay for a while so if you want to check out my feedback, my user name is marilyn497. Here is what I've got. All my cards are brand new, they went from the booster pack strait into a protective sleeve, then into a top loader.

Salamence Lv.X Mint 12

Kabutops Holo Mint 2.50

Probopass Holo Mint 2

Tangrowth Holo Mint 2

Bronzong Rare Mint 1

Cherrim Rare Mint 1

Gengar Rare Mint 1

Manectric Rare Mint 1

Omastar Rare Mint 1

Raticate Rare Mint 1

Sceptile Rare Mint 1.20

I have many more Uncommons all at 50p and Commons all at 20p. I have no reverse foils.
I do a deal on commons, six for 1.

Postage will be 1.50 for UK and 3.00 for International, thats for up to ten cards. If you want more than ten please contact me.
All cards will be posted in a protective top loader and then into a bubble lined jiffy bag.
PM me if your interested.
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hey this isn't really related to your sale sorry, but do you know if there is much value in the original sets of pokemon cards that came out? I have hundreds in a binder that I havent looked at in forever. Just wondering, thanks.
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The old cards aren't worth much unless you have a complete set. Charizard from the base set might be worth about 10 if you have it.
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