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Default Does COMC list print runs on cards without serial #'ing?

Just had a bunch of cards load up last night, was pretty impressed that they put EXCH on the cards that were redemptions and noticed that for stuff like Contenders they put /292 on some. The contenders is common knowledge, but I wonder when a card is listed as an SP and ACTUALLY IS an SP, do they show the print run on there? For something like the Fathers Day cards where it's stated by Panini that there are "less than 20 made" of some variety of cracked ice or otherwise, will COMC put whatever that actual number is or just add "SP"?

I know I somewhat already answered my own question, I wish BGS had to research the print run of non numbered cards and put it on the case and COMC listed the print run of anything that is listed as a Short Print.
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Depends. Sometimes they put announced print run of xxx on a listing. Look at 1996 Leaf autos they say 3500 card print run.
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I would assume all info they put with the cards is however they are listed in Beckett. So if Beckett knows, they will know.
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The 2012 Topps Heritage update set is not numbered but they list each card as /1,000. Again, common knowledge like you said but they do indeed list it.
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