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Default 1965 Topps Joe Morgan

I have this card, and I really thought it was only found on mine, but a quick search on ebay I found the same thing.. unless my eyes are playing tricks.
Look at some examples of this card on ebay, the top appears curved (like somebody trimmed it with scissors) some of them look really wavy and some not so much, especially the back.

16174 1965 Topps 16 Rookie Stars JOE Morgan Jackson Astros VGX | eBay
This is just one example, there appears to be several on ebay like this.

The card I own appears the same way and it is more noticeable on the back.

Were these just bad cuts from factory in 1965? they don't even look like straight cuts.

I noticed my 1964 Topps Pete Rose is like this a bit, but no where near as noticeable.
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-I've owned a couple of these over the years and never saw anything like that. I also haven't seen it on my '65 mantles.

You may want to ask at net54 too, if this is a 'thing' i've never seen it.

Good luck.

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Not to defend anyone but im pretty sure it just bent from years of storage. Or it can very likely also be trimmed as well
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