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Default 2013 Topps Platinum Hanger Pack review

So, usually I stay away from Topps Platinum. Why? I never really knew. I like the look of the cards but just never bothered buying much of it. After my experiment with Topps retail, I decided to give platinum a try. All I bought were hangers (value packs) and I bought a total of 26 of them (8 at one place, 18 at another). Here is my review of the product, as well as what I pulled:

Base RC's:
51 total.
Unique base RC's 32 out of 50.

I got EJ, Geno, and Eddie Lacy so that's a plus.

Orange 'flame' refractors:
78 total.
Unique orange refractors 44 out of 50.
Key misses- EJ Manuel

I really hoped that I would be able to get the full set. Sadly, Topps collation and I have been fighting since 2010 (with Topps winning nearly every time)

Rookie X-fractors :
Total 20.
Unique X-fractors 14.
Best player: I don't think there is one.

I am shaking my head at how unlucky I am with collation. 50 rookies in the set, but somehow I manage to pull THREE Zach Line Xfractors.

Veteran Blue refractors (thick)
5 total.
Best player: No one.

Veteran hits were Christian Ponder, David Wilson, Vincent Jackson, Justin Blackmon, and Chris Johnson. BLEH.

BCA Pink ribbon die-cuts (3)
Montee Ball RC, Tavon Austin RC, Jason Pierre-Paul

Military Ribbon die-cuts (3)
Tyler Eifert RC, Jimmy Graham, Brian Hartline

So...about these ribbon cards...Topps is retarded, and printed all of them with the RC designation. Also, the stated odds on the pack are 1:240...pretty sure they meant to say 1:24.

Rookie Black refractors (5)
Dee Milner, DeAndre Hopkins, Marcus Lattimore, Tyler Eifert, Matt Barkley

They are sharp looking cards IMO. Had I gotten any bigger names, I would have considered building the set.

Gold refractor (1)
My only numbered card of the group. Cordarrelle Patterson #d 47/50

Rookie auto (1)
Marcus Lattimore

I was planning on scanning them, but my scanner decided it doesn't want to work today. Anyway, I just typed this up for anyone wondering about the hanger boxes. Oh, the Lattimore auto and the Geno Smith orange flame came from the 8 pack break. I was shocked to pull a Geno Smith with the searchers out there.
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I think the odds on the die cuts are right. I have opened about 20 of the value packs and have not pulled one. Have pulled 5 autos though.
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I have had similar issues with the collation seeming like its a little more rough than usual. As far as only getting 1 auto in 26 rack packs thats tough! Hope you get luckier on your next break!
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