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Default indiana jones heritage case break - couple of nice sketches

Bought a case about a month ago on one of the weekend specials, but just got around to opening it. It's a very up and down experience, since you are pretty much looking for a single hit per box, and so many of the autos and sketches are so-so. But I got lucky with a couple of nice sketch cards!

Box 1:
Vic Tablian (Monkey Man) auto
card #75 parallel

Box 2:
Julian Glover (Walter Donovan) auto
card # 9 parallel

Box 3:
Sketch card - but it's a Waterhouse monkey
card #63 parallel
card #88 parallel

Box 4:
Sketch card - nice color sketch
card #3 parallel

Box 5:
Sketch card - really nice color sketch!
card #84 parallel

Box 6:
Wolf Kahler (Colonel Dietrich) auto
card #17 parallel

Box 7:
Sketch card - Mark Propst
card #70 parallel

Box 8:
David Yip (Wu Han) auto
card #67 parallel
card #32 parallel

Case started off poor, with two so-so autos and a Waterhouse sketch. Then I hit two color sketch cards in a row, and was pumped, since this is the first product that I have opened with sketches in it, and I pulled a couple of cool looking ones. Then was ripping packs like crazy looking for more sketch cards in the rest of the case, only to pull two more so-so autos plus a sketch card that was a let down. But then I had a couple of hours of fun trying to figure out who the artists were, and was pumped once again when I figured out who drew the two color sketches.

Here's the three sketch cards:

Mark Propst (a let-down that this was my last sketch)

Kody Chamberlain color sketch of Indy and his father! (1 in 7753 packs!)

and, finally:

ALLISON SOHN color sketch of Indy!!! (1 in 15,506 packs, and a stunner!)

Needless to say, I was very happy with the break because of the two color sketches, and now I think I am going to have to open more products with sketches in them, I am hooked!
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Old 04-25-2008, 09:00 AM   #2
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Very nice Sohn sketch!
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Yes the Sohn is really nice!
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