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Default The National Card Show: Strasburg Sells For A Great Cause

The National Card Show: Strasburg Sells For A Great Cause

August 3, 2010 at 9:12 AM

I have said that spending money on Strasburg right now is like throwing it down the drain. However, for this one particular instance, I fully support the person that paid an astronomical amount for the Topps National Card Show giveaway. The reason is pretty simple, as the person who was auctioning off the Heritage Strasburg number 1/999 is donating 100% of the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Because I have had Diabetes since I was 11, I absolutely love to see people in our hobby support this cause, or any cause for that matter.

Even when you take out the cost of the VIP package to the show, this card sold for an incredible amount of money, and shows that Strasburg still has it going for him in the hobby despite falling victim to his first DL stint. I expect that this card may end up being the most valuable common National Show show giveaway ever, and its great to see that the organizers of the show had such a great idea to raise money for a wonderful cause.

Here on SCU, over the last two years, I have raised over $1200 for the JDRF, but I have never had the kind of success that this auction has had in one fell swoop. I cant tell you how great it makes me feel to see that there are others who carry the banner to cure Diabetes.

If the person who bought this card reads this, shoot me an email at the contact button above. I would love to pick your brain about the sale. Same thing goes for the seller. Congrats on an amazing end to the auction!

Sports Cards Uncensored: The National Card Show: Strasburg Sells For A Great Cause
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Any cause? you really want to open that can of worms? What if the cause was the mandatory castration of shoplifters, or the advancement of driving privileges for blind people, or The painting the town red painting committee to buy more red paint?
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I agree with you this kid has yet to prove himself in the Majors so why would any one want to spent that type of money on this kid is beyond me

I would rather own a Nolan Ryan rookie you can buy on ebay for around $150-250.00
or a certified autograph between $100-$200.00 for a Proven Hof Player
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