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Default Advice?

EDIT: problem solved as the buyer just payed ... dissapointed in myself tho cu it was at $22 with 20 hours left and i sold for $20.. i mightve been looking at $30-40. lol. arg. hahaa. I posted a card for sale here and on ebay. I was asking $ 20 for the card here, and he said he would pay tonight. Not wanting to lose out on a sale, i informed him that once he paid i would end the ebay listing. (the card is already up to $20 , but i still will honor the sale, and end it when he pays) I trust that he will pay but my dilemma is that there is only 22 hrs left in the auction and once there is 12 hrs left i cant end it. I really need the money but should i just end the auction now and just risk losing the sale? Obviously if he pays in the next few hours this is not a problem (although ill be losing out, lol! my deals are great people!). Just looking for advice.

P.S. To confirm: the buyer knows the card is on ebay as well and was informed in the PM that i would not end the auction till he pays, am i wrong here?

should i just end it now?

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I'd let it run on ebay if he doesn't pay in the next 10 hours, tell him ebay won't let you cancel it, he missed out by not sending payment, you warned him, you should be good
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I would at least wait til you get in bed to make a decision...give him a few hours. If he pays, GREAT...if not, you'll have to wait til tomorrow with ebay anyway to get paid. Unless the winner take 2-3 days to pay like most of mine do lol
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Don't end it yet. If he knows that you need him to pay soon then he needs to pay soon. Think about if you end it and he never pays. Not saying that is going to happen but that wouldn't put you in a good situation.
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This isn't a big problem. Your auction has 22 hours left, I don't know where you live in the world, but 12 more hours is plenty of time to cover being paid by "tonight." If he doesn't honor his word by paying tonight, then let the auction continue.
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