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Old 02-13-2011, 05:17 PM   #1
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Default Ebay Rant

Two things people have been doing lately really irks me on eBay. This kind of thing ONLY happens when I am selling sports/non sports cards

1) I list a card with a buy it now no best offer at a price that is comparable to recent sales of the exact same card. People e-mail me offering less than my buy it now. If I was taking offers, I would have clicked the button to let you make all the offers you want. Then when I simply reply "No thank you" i get vulgar filled responses tell me I will never get my buy it now ect ect.

2) WHen I list a card with buy it now AND best offer. I do this when I am listing from a new set and there are no recent sales to compare to. I did this on a ton of my UFC knockout high end cards. I listed a card for $150. It is rare, only 10 of them, a fighter that is a huge fan favorite and one fight away from a title shot. Guy send me a $50 offer and I instantly decline it. Even though this fighter has not sold yet, comparable fighters are selling for around $100. Within 5 minute of the decline I get an e-mail asking why I wouldn't even counter, I respond because this fighter sold for this much, and I believe my card will get that amount too, and your offer was only half of my bottom line price. I won't take the time to counter an offer that it double or more of your offer, just seems like a waste. Within another 5 minutes same buyer e-mails me back telling me I am an idiot, this fighter isn't even close to as good as the comparable fighters I am basing my bottom line price on ect ect. Tells me I am a fool and will never get my asking price.

Whenever this happens, EITHER of these situations, I just block the buyer. I'm sorry but it is so disrespectful to tell me what my card is worth. it might only be worth that to YOU, but others might pay more. Just the other day a guy offered $175 on a card, I wanted $225 so I countered to that, he countered back to original $175 and tells me that my card isn't worth a penny more. I decline the offer, block him, and 2 hours later get an offer of $210 and sell it for that. I then sent him the link to the completed auction. Some people just have no manners whatsoever.

Rant over.
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What are you talking about?

Ur weeding out the people you don't want as buyers. I wouldn't complain, I'd celebrate the fact that you're not dealing with them trying to scam you after you ship

My eBay 'block list' is HUGE... If you don't know how to act, I don't want the headache of dealing with you
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