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Default My fantasy team - let me know what you think

Only doing one league this season, did six last season and it was just too much. I want to be able to root for my guy 100% but if he is against me in one league and on my team in another it just seems awash.

REMEMBER THIS LEAGUE IS 16 TEAMS! You may think "that doesn't change much" but it truly does! What a wild and crazy draft this was. I had pick #13.

My lineup:

QB - Tony Romo
RB - Shonn Greene
RB - Joseph Addai
WR - Andre Johnson
WR - Calvin Johnson
RB/WR - Julio Jones
TE - Brandon Pettigrew
D - Patriots
K - Josh Brown

BEN - Lee Evans, Mike Sims-Walker, Javon Ringer, Jared Cook, Tashard Choice, Andre Roberts, Jordan Shipley

Obviously I am weak at RB, but it seems with 16 teams each team will be weak somewhere. Here is the breakdown of my picks with notes:

01) Andre Johnson (Thought he would be gone, and planned to get Calvin if so, also by the time it was my first pick all the great RBs were gone)
02) Calvin Johnson (with pick 2 he was sitting at the very top, could not pass up)
03) Shonn Greene (had my heart set on Blount but he was taken 4 spots before me, what a team if I could have gotten him)
04) Tony Romo (may have stretched a bit but feel he will score solid points this season)
05) Joseph Addai (planned to get Beanie but he was taken a few spots before)
06) Julio Jones (room instantly praised me on this pick)
07) Lee Evans
08) Brandon Pettigrew (almost went Graham instead but that would have left me with 3 starters with week 11 bye)
09) Mike Sims-Walker
10) Patriots
11) Josh Brown
12) Javon Ringer (just in case)
13 Jared Cook (gonna be a beast this season regardless who is throwing)
14) Tashard Choice
15) Andre Roberts
16) Jordan Shipley (amazed he was still around)

So please do be honest, let me know what you think!!!

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Wow, no thoughts or opinions at all?

Well a trade I offered was just accepted. I am giving up Mike Sims-Walker and Shonn Greene and getting LeGarrette Blount.

Another perk is that the person has to drop a player to free up the extra roster spot. He is dropping Ryan Fitzpatrick. There are literally no FA QB options. A couple guys have 2-3 QBs on the bench so if I can grab Fitz as my backup my team seems pretty solid.

Oh, and if anyone is curious you can see how the draft went down:
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I think you did very well. As long as Romo-no-homo doesn't re-injure himself he will continue to put up top 10 numbers. And I can almost guarantee you have the best 3 starting receivers! Did very well considering it was a 16 person league!
Buhkit lynk:

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