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Default Thinking about starting a COMC

First person to sell me on starting an account there gets the free $10 or whatever it is for referring me to the site?

After reading about the site, I understand they scan and ship everything for you which is great. Does it cost anything beyond shipping to them and do you ship in top loaders?

What % do they take out if you cash out? I will most likely just buy other cards though. I heard you can also get a gift card for here with %100 of the money?

Is there anything else I need to know and is there any bonus incentive for starting a new account like 50 free listings?
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you pay to ship to them, you pay minimum, 0.20 a card for listing plus $3 per every 500 batch. You price them however you want once they are loaded.

If you decide to cash out they take 20%, more if you do not use paypal. they also have an option to use your credit towards blowout credit for boxes/supplies/etc, that comes out to less than the 20%

They do offer some sort of special for newbies, I just don't know the exact details on that. Please refer to the many many other threads/posts on the subject. There are a couple of COMC employees that will check on here and reply, or you can PM them.

Look on the site for what you want to send in to make sure there are not too many already on there, commons ususally are a waste and anything under BV $1 is probably not worth while.

send to them in softsleeves for anything worth something/autos, etc, only use toploaders for higher end cards, but they will charge you .05 per toploader you send in. Just fill up normal card storage boxes and use fillers on the ends to make sure the cards don't move during mailing.

once you create an account and have at least one card under your name all the options are available to view to get you a better idea of what everything will cost you
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I think the prior post answered your specific questions and the link to the fees page he included should answer the specifics on that. For anyone who is hesitant, I always recommend setting up an account and buying a few cards on comc to flip on comc, so you can get a feel for the site. After you play with the site a little while it is hard not to love.
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Send in some good cards, price them and let the money roll in. They do all the work, no worries about DSR's, shipping, feedback extortion, lying and non paying buyers/paypal chargebacks...all well worth the extra couple percent in FVF's they charge. I feel it's as simple as that!!
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