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Default Fantasy Football Idea/We can start now!!

Back in my bartending days I used to run what I called an "Open Lineup" for fantasy football.

Prior to the first games of the week in question, you could sumbit a team (1 qb, 2rbs, 3 wrs,1 te, 1 kicker and a defense). You could only take one player per team. For example, you could have Favre, but not Jennings. Kinda like having an all star team. How we score it, is up to you. Yes the teams are loaded and yes there will be lineups very similar. The commissioner (Bammer?) would collect the line ups and post them prior to the game. Pretty easy to score. Cost you ask??? Here is the kicker. I think its pretty safe to assume we have a pretty cool bunch here and maybe we all dont have a crazy amount of disposable income, but what to we all have in commmon??? Disposable cards. "Entry" fee is a $20 card from baseball, football or basketball (not $20 worth of cards--a $20 card). Now lets say come Monday morning commissioner Bam Bam has tallied the results and finds that Vinny is the winner. We get his address, ship our card off to Vinny and play another week--

Questions??? Comments???? Scathing Rebuttle???

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