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Default Weekly Update (7/10/2009)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Here is what's new this week:

Two of the more talked about products released this week. 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter came live on Wednesday. There was a lot of presell demand for this product and the breaks look good. This is what you expect from Ginter. A lot of odd short print Autos that go for big money such as M. Phelps and Japanese sensation Yuto along with a ton of sellable cards: Mini's Red Ink, Rip Cards, etc. The overall break is fun for the collector which is why you see so many singles posted on ebay. As more product gets cracked, the higher the sealed case prices will go. Topps has already announced a sell out this week. It's tough to gauge the potential since the 2008 came shooting out the gate only to flop a year later to the $50 price point. Watch this one closely as everything produced this year is more limited than in years past when the economy was much better. Products now tend to dry up faster.
The next big release was 2008/09 UD Ultimate Collection Basketball. Early reports are that the breaks are not as good as some of the previous high end Basketball products such as Black and Premier. That should be expected since both Black and Premier are higher end items compared to Ultimate Collection. The Ultimate will have enough $500+ Jordan, Lebron, High end pulls to keep it moving higher. All the previous Baseball, Hockey, and Football Ultimate lines have moved up after the initial release and we at SCN think Basketball will move up also after 30 days.

As for the rest of the Market, here's what we are seeing:

Playoff has come out with the sell sheet info on their first Basketball product, "Prestige Basketball". It looks like 4 hits per box which is the normal Prestige format. Although they have Kobe now along with Blake Griffith, it does look weak in content without all the big names that UD has under contract. We are also hearing that Bryce Harper, the 16 yr. old phenom, who has pretty much taken 2009 UD USA Baseball through the roof (along with Strasburg), may be playing in the AFLAC game. This could set up nice for 2009 Bowman Chrome Baseball if this happens. Most of the Manufacturers have already come out with their plans for this year's National Convention in Cleveland. The most interesting so far will be the Topps promotion with the 1959 Heritage "50th Anniversary Cards That Never Were". They highlight Mickey Mantle hitting left and right, Maris as a Yankee, Roy Campanella as a Dodger, and Jackie Robinson in a Dodgers Uniform. These could be very collectible once the show is over. There will also be a wrapper redemption/exchange so do your research on those products that have the cheapest pricepoints.
Both Cup Hockey and Exquisite Basketball are heating up since collectors are trending towards the high end. We have also just recieved information about a new product from UD called 2009 UD Prominent Cuts. It's about a $175 box which 5 Cuts per box. That's about $35 a Cut Signature. Some content we are hearing is so unique as far as oversized swatches, Martial Arts, MMA fighers, and entertainers and historical figures. This may be a huge winner for the pricepoint. We are also hearing that 2009 Topps Triple Threads Baseball will be highly allocated. Not a real surprise since this is probably the best high end name in the Topps stable. Watch for cases to jump up early. Razor is also coming out with a 2009 RAZOR U.S. ARMY ALL-AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL set. It features the phenom BRYCE BROWN who will be playing at the Univ. of Tennessee this year. This is kind of a Football version of the USA Baseball sets. It will be interesting to what will happen to this product if Bryce Brown gets hot in College.
The following products look to be on the move higher this week: 2009 Topps Finest Baseball, 2009 UD Legendary Cuts Baseball, 2009 UD Goudey Baseball, 2009 OPC Baseball, 2008/09 UD SP Game Used Hockey, 2008 Topps Triple Threads Baseball, 2007 Bowmans Best Baseball, 2008 UD SP Authentic Baseball, 2008/09 UD Black Basketball, 2008/09 OPC Premier Hockey, and 2009 UD SPX Baseball.

That's it for this week. We have updated the website at Market Reports, Card Values, and the Hottest Auctions Online today. with a ton of new Product and Manufacturer updates. Check out our reviews this week and please email us if you have any suggestions.

This week at SCN, we have reviewed the following products. Many of these products have just come LIVE! Our goal is to give you the most up to date website for market conditions and information in the HOBBY!

2009 SAGE Squared Football
2009 Rittenhouse X-Men Archives
2009 Press Pass Series 2 Racing
2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
2009 Upper Deck Icons Football
2008/09 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Basketball

Looking into NEXT WEEK, the following products are Tentatively Scheduled to be Reviewed:

2009 Just Minor Mystery Jersey Baseball
2009 UD Icons Baseball
2009 UD Rookie Premiere Football Box Set
2009 Score Football Hobby & Racks
2009 Press Pass Showcase Racing

SCN is your Source for Immediate Sportscard Information. When a player gets HOT or when a Product JUMPS in value, SCN will showcase all the Auctions so that YOU the collector will have all the information available within seconds.

Stay tuned for more announcements !

-The Staff at SCN
Blowouts Resident Wade Boggs Super Collector
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Who's Blake Griffith? lol
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Wait...08/09 Premier basketball was a good break? I'm glad they're letting us know as I guess we've all been wrong about it.
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The Ultimate will have enough $500+ Jordan, Lebron, High end pulls to keep it moving higher.
Yeah, and you'll only have to open 4-5 cases to pull one of those $500 cards, lol
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08/09 ultimate collection basketball will drop to $60 a box and will never go higher. who cares if it dries out!!
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