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Default 3 packs of Mars Attacks.... could use some help

I opened three packs of Mars Attacks at the small card show I went in today and pulled these three cards.

Panic in Parliament (green)
The Frost Ray (silver)
Lin Workman colored sketch card 1/1

My question is one the sketch, what it may be worth. I see one sold for $26 but it was a 24 hour auction, and theres another with a crazy high BIN. Its looks like the artist did most in black and white. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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no way to put a value on it really just put it up for a lot less than the really high BIN with a best offer option

I personally always sell my sketch cards via auction because:

1. I am lazy

2. don't like to sit on product I like to get it sold fast.. it can take a long time to sell sketches when you sell via BIN/BO. (with sketch cards you usually get alot less for them via auction style vs. being patient and selling BIN/BO which is the bad part about doing this)

3. I am retarded

4. I usually only do BIN/BO if I'm going to have trouble breaking even and need to soak a little more money out of my pulls

5. I'm ok with losing a little money as I do this for fun and a hobby so I don't care to spend money to have fun.

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I was the one that bought the one for $26. Pretty cool. From what I've seen you can expect Mars Attacks sketch cards with some color to go for higher price. I would expect that one to go from around the 20ish to 30ish dollar range imo.
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