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Default Warehouse 13 wantlist (plus extras for trade)


Season 1
Gallery Cards: G2 Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly)

Season 2
Base Cards: 9 (13.1)
Artifact: A28 (Cinderella's Glass Knife)

Season 3
Claudia Jewel card


Season 1
Autograph: Alec Medlock
Autograph: Joe Morton
Relic: Myka (black dress from "Pilot") 2 available
Relic: Claudia (shirt from "Burnout")
Relic: Artie (jacket from "Pilot")
Gallery: G3 Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek)
Artifact: A1 (Aztec Bloodstone)
Artifact: A3 (Houdini Wallet)
Artifact: A5 (the Farnsworth)
Artifact: A7 (Phoenix Charm)
Artifact: A10 (Poe's Pen & Notebook)
Artifact: A14 (Baylor Dodgeball)
Promo: CP1 - Myka and Pete (San Diego Comic Con 2010)
Promo: P1 cast (general distribution)

Season 2
Autograph: Jaime Murray
Autograph: CCH Pounder (bad corner)
Autograph: Armin Shimerman
Autograph: Genelle Williams
Relic: Myka (black jacket from "Around the Bend")
Base Card: 5 (Beyond our Control)
Artifact: A22 (Mata Hari's Stockings)
Artifact: A25 (Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope)
Promo: P1 (general distribution)
Promo: P2 (binder card)

Season 3
Incentive: Saul Rubinek (Autographed Relic card; 2 boxes)
Incentive: Eddie McClintock (Autographed Relic card; 4 boxes)
Autograph: David Anders as Jonah Raitt (Limited)
Autograph: David Anders as Jonah Raitt (Limited)
Autograph: Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks (Very Limited)
Autograph: Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer (Very Limited)
Autograph: Sasha Roiz as Marcus Diamond (Very Limited) (pose 1)
Autograph: Sasha Roiz as Marcus Diamond (Very Limited) (pose 2)
Relic: Amanda Lattimer in Queen For A Day (wedding dress)
Relic: Claudia Donovan in Regrets (yellow top)
Relic: H.G. Wells in Emily Lake (green top)
Relic: H.G. Wells in Emily Lake (flower dress)
Relic: Leena in The New Guy (pink dress)
Relic: Myka Bering in 13.1 (blue top)
Relic: Myka Bering in Queen For a Day (blue shirt)
Relic: Myka Bering in Duped (pink top)
Relic: Pete Lattimer in Queen For a Day (jacket)
Relic: Pete Lattimer in 13.1 (Dartmouth T-Shirt)
Relic: Pete Lattimer in 13.1 (blue jacket)
Base Card: 2 (The New Guy)
Base Card: 3 (Trials)
Base Card: 4 (Trials)
Base Card: 5 (Love Sick)
Base Card: 9 (3..2..1)
Base Card: 10 (3..2..1)
Base Card: 11 (Don't Hate the Player)
Base Card: 13 (Past Imperfect)
Base Card: 15 (The 40th Floor)
Base Card: 17 (Shadows)
Base Card: 21 (Emily Lake)
Base Card: 24 (Stand)
Artifact: A29 (Mary Mallon's Butcher Knife)
Artifact: A30 (Joshua's Trumpet)
Artifact: A31 (Beatrix Potter Tea Set)
Artifact: A32 (Collodi Bracelet)
Artifact: A33 (Mr. Mental's Mind Reading Fezzes)
Artifact: A35 (Richard Nixon's Shoes)
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