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Default 5 Pack Blue Wave Break NICE!

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I've had a difficult time chasing Soler autos. I did 3 cases in my personal break, and I hit only one. But it was a big one (purple refractor auto).

Since then, I've gone on to be a part of 7 different Case team breaks (owning the cubs in all of them) and have only netted 1 base auto, which had a weak autograph. Thats 2 Soler autos, over 10 cases of cards.

I fell into a Soler draught.

Initially, I was gonna sell all my packs that I received from Topps for the blue wave redemption. Of course temptation was too strong, and thank goodness!

Card is not for sale

Waiting on some more Blue wave packs. I'll fill you guys in on the contents of them as I receive them!

Thanks for looking!
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Nice hit, I've been fortunate with soler autos, in 13 boxes I hit 2 base and a refractor
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With all due respect hitting a Purple Soler auto in 200 cases let alone 10 cases is ridiculously lucky. Add a blue wave auto in there (pretty much Gold -10%) and you're one lucky SOB.

Take it from the guy that broke 20 cases and got 3 Soler base, and nothing better than a Hamilton refractor auto for $15,000 ...

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Old 11-17-2012, 11:30 AM   #4
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Your right, I'm totally lucky with the Purple hit and this Blue wave hit. I'm just expressing my frustration over chasing Soler. Apart from the big hits, I thought it would be easier to find a few base autos.

Just goes to show you, I'm better off buying singles than screwing around with case breaks. Oh well, I'm still in the plus on this product (luckily) and I'm adding to my growing lots of Soler and Junior Lake base, so it isn't too bad.

By the way, I feel for you man. 3 Soler autos over 20 cases of this stuff is a travesty. Here's hoping you fare a lot better with your Bowman Draft Break. Lets see some big Hawkins and Almora hits!

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