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Default Tom Brady 2000 Contenders AU

Good Morning Guys,

I'm in the market for one of Brady's rookies and have a few questions. Since I've been out of the hobby for the past few decades and just got back around to it with my son, pardon my noob-like questions.

- Centering: With this card not having a traditional border, how would you judge centering in a case like this one?

- History: Does anybody recall what these cards were peaking on eBay back in '07?

- Quantity: How many were produced?

- Auto: What on the auto could bring it down to a 9 if it were graded?

- Pricing: What would you consider a good price for this card. It seems like they're selling below Low BV. Is it one you can see increasing much in value over a long period of time?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 10-24-2009, 02:52 PM   #2
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1700 was the all time high in Nov 2007
From what i was told the auto is crappy if its all over the place like on a few on ebay, i guess tom took his time with some and rushed others making them messy, But what do i know. I bought the card for 2 reasons
1. he's my favorite player and now is the lowest it's been since 2006
2. great investment potential
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i dont know much about your question regarding the card..but as far as value potential i dont see much in it personally...

while it may be the cheapest theyve been inaa few years, i think it already hit the ceiling..i mean theyve already won 3 Championships with Brady, i dont see that making the value go up more unless they win 2-3 more..only potential i see is after he retires and goes to HOF, or unfortunately if he were to pass away for some reason

just my opinion though
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Old 10-24-2009, 03:00 PM   #4
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All great points guys, I really appreciate the feedback.
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Old 10-24-2009, 08:48 PM   #5
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If right now is the cheapest since whenever, then right now is the time to buy. BV on a Brady Contenders auto will do nothing but rise. Unless he pulls an O.J.
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