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Default Big Bang Theory Seasons 3 &4 Case Break

Here is my 1 case break which cost $700 + $100 shipping + $100 customs (my fault for living in Ireland)


A1 Johnny Galecki auto/costume
A10 John Ross Bowie
A11 Christine Baranski
A13 Alice Amter
A14 Brian George
A15 Carol Ann Susi
A16 Danica McKellar (x2)
A17 Wil Wheaton
A18 Rick Fox
A20 Ian Scott Rudolph


M-01.1 Sheldon purple shirt
M-02 Leonard boxers
M-04 Raj cream shirt
M-06 Amy green shirt
M-09 Leonards blue t-shirt
M-11 Howard green shirt
M-12 Amys blue plaid shirt
M-14 Sheldon light blue shirt
M-15 Leonard grey sweatshirt (x2)
M-16 Pennys floral dress
M-18 Howards purple shirt
M-24 Leonards red shirt
M-26 Pennys pink tank
M-28 Rajs red jacket
DM-01 Penny & Sheldon dual
DM-02 Amy & Sheldon dual
DM-03 Leonard & Sheldon dual
DM-04 Howard & Raj dual
DM-07 Raj & Leonard dual


R45 Oversized Booklet of the Men

Overall great product. Only got 11 auto's with a dupe auto but after hitting the redemption do not care one bit
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Old 02-13-2013, 04:02 PM   #2
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Could have done a lot worse on the dupe auto though! Nice break!
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Here are some scans:

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Old 02-13-2013, 05:09 PM   #4
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.. and 5 dual relics too
nice break
Way behind to respond to pm deal offers
FS/T: sketch cards, GCs | USA, comc addr, pp ONLY
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Even though you ended up paying $900.00, you can't buy a case for that right now in the USA. Boxes are running just over $100 a box now. So you did well to lock up early.

You also had a solid case!!

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