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Default 2009 Donruss Limited Group Break - Case #2 - Results

Alright guys. Case looks to be here tomorrow and I get done at 6 eastern. I am going to go ahead and probably go live around 8pm eastern on blogtv. I will then be breaking at 8:30pm eastern or so.

Below is the list of everyone's spots for the break after the randomization. The video is up on my YouTube account if anyone wants to see it.

Hope to see everyone there that can make it!

1. bishoff1
2. joestyl
3. bishoff1
5. uwmoring
6. bishoff1
7. CaptainBOHICA
8. peekaboo
9. wcbraun
10. wcbraun
11. mgugs46
12. armyatc22
13. pjnjjsdad
14. uwmoring
15. wcbraun
16. joestyl
17. peekaboo
18. Vintage Collector
19. armyatc22
20. wcbraun
21. Vintage Collector
22. Hail24
23. peekaboo
24. wcbraun
26. Hail24
27. mgugs46
28. wcbraun
29. mgugs46
30. cgobble
31. Bibbseat55
32. cgobble
33. cgobble
34. uwmoring
35. wcbraun
36. mgugs46
37. Vintage Collector
38. Vintage Collector
39. Bibbseat55
40. armyatc22
41. uwmoring
42. Hail24
43. armyatc22
44. bishoff1
45. mgugs46
46. joestyl
47. wcbraun
48. mgugs46

Selling off most of my HOF collection.
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